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Another fitness/lifestyle related site?

Nope…well, not exactly!

What makes this site different from the others?

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There are a few good websites/advice out there for skinny-fat people (there should be more in my opinion!), however, the problem I find is that I have yet to come across one that shows their transformation step-by-step (they usually talk about what they did after they have transformed).

Well this site charts my journey in transforming my physique from an actual skinny-fat guy to hopefully (and willingly) a lean/muscular guy. You can see for yourself my progress, my mistakes, what I am doing, if it is working or not working and more importantly you can see this every step of the way as I post my progress and stats regularly.

If you don’t already know by now, how we eat and train is wildly different for Skinny Fat people and most of the conventional advice out there just won’t work for our body type. In fact, you’ll just end up getting fatter; mostly around the abdominal area!

Along the way I will post articles on key topics around nutrition, diet, gym and other topics of interest for the skinny fat community that I will undoubtedly learn through my own transformation, for all to see. This can be learning from my mistakes or learning from what I’m doing right!

Make sure you subscribe so that you don’t miss any future posts and check back in regularly, even if it is just to compare your own progress with mine.

This site is also intended to be my digital notes in transforming my physique. It acts as my reference points for when I need to track or refer to things and helps keep me accountable.

It is really not designed as an advice platform for others as I’m not a fitness or nutritionist specialist. However, I tend to do thorough and diligent research before implementing anything. You are welcome to use anything I post on this site and to discuss anything in the comments section of the post.

If you are interested on why I want to transform then you can read my post about it here.

If you want to know more about me, you can read up here

Most of my posts are ‘my-crib-notes’ I’ve taken from a number of sources, mostly from here: Oskar Faarkrog: Skinny Fat Transformation where I try to follow most of Oskar free advice and track here to see results. I recommend viewing his website in detail, starting off with his F.A.Q

My Stats

  • My weekly progress measurements can be seen here
  • My monthly photo progress can be seen here.


Based on his advice within his website, I am treating my transformation in two main phases:

Phase 0: January 2015 – May 2015 [4 Months]

  • Got my bodyfat from 24.3% Jan-15, to 16.1% May-15, mostly through good diet tips (not drinking, eating only three times a day and no junk food) and good sleep patterns (8 hours a day). I did not really (consistently) go to the gym (sporadic sessions only).
  • Diet is key to to ensuring your metabolism is optimal, you’ve increased testosterone naturally through diet which promotes fat burning  & muscle-building and you reduce your estrogen naturally through diet as estrogen blocks testosterone and is the female hormone that promotes man-boobs and other skinny-fat traits.

Phase 1: Get lean (10-12% bodyfat): May 2015 – December 2015 [6 Months]

Gym Etiquette: [Click here to read my full Gym Tips]

  • Use gym time to get better at body-weight exercises and get use to high-reps, low-weights, more sets style of training to help achieve my goal to become lean and prepare my body for phase 2.

Diet Etiquette: [Click here to ready my full Diet Tips]

  • Ensure you are in a calorie-deficit diet that is roughly a balanced diet consisting of a near 33/33/33 (protein/carbs/fat) and mainly comprised of testosterone promoting food and the removal of estrogen-promoting food to ensure good metabolism and good hormonal balance.
  • Remember, during a calorie-deficit diet, you need to be hungry in between meals. If you are not hungry, it a sure sign that your metabolism has slowed down and you need to cut more calories out. I combine this approach with Intermittent Fasting (IF). I believe IF not only speeds up results, but also instills good eating discipline.


I started out with 16.1% bodyfat in May 2015 and now down to 15.1% in November 2015 (I was 24.3% in Jan 2015). This may not seem as much but you can see from my pictures that the body re-composition is working. I look more leaner, toned and defined. My shoulders grew from 112cm to 115cm, arms and chest look much better, back looks a lot stronger and my waist has reduced, you can visibly see my stomach is less-prudent compared to my June 2014 pic, though I still need to lose fat from my handles. I still have some work to do to get to 10-12% range but confident I will get there. Changing your physique is a marathon, not a sprint! My perfect-form chin-ups went from 0 – 15 during this time also (6 months) so my strength gains have improved quite a bit.

It is evident from my progress so far that as a SFT guy, you can build a bit of muscles and lose body fat at the same time whilst following a solid muscle building program combined with a calorie-deficit diet plan. Keep in mind that my focus for this phase is to lose fat and not build muscle as the two are mutually exclusive. However, based on my own progress and to my surprise, I think SFT people are the only body types that can build muscle and lose fat simultaneously, albeit slowly and for a short time only (til at least 15% bodyfat as I have).

Phase 1.5: Personal Trainer: December 2015 –

  • This phase is exactly the same as Phase 1, getting lean to 10-12% bodyfat. However, I have hired a personal trainer who is completely responsible for my training and diet program to ensure I get from 15% to 12% bodyfat before moving on to Phase 2.

Phase 1.5: Diet

Phase 1.5: Workout

Phase 2: Build Muscles

  • Only start this phase when the following has been completed:
    • 15 perfect-form chin-ups [Completed]
    • 25 perfect-form diamond-pushups [Completed]
    • 10-12% bodyfat [In-Progress]

Phase 3: Maintenance

  • Cut down to a few gym sessions a week to maintain
  • Find the right diet to support my lifestyle and physique maintenance



In the News:


Blogs I follow:


Books I recommend:

  • (Skinny Fat) – The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet by Dr. Michael Mosley
  • (Entrepreneurial) – The Millionaire Fastlane by M.J.DeMarco
  • (Entrepreneurial) – The 4-hour work week by Tim Ferris
  • (Entrepreneurial) – Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson
  • (Self-development) – Being Your Self by Mike George


Good articles: 


My Gym Tips


  • Aim for 10-15 reps, using the heaviest you can lift for that many reps. For example, if you can do 10kg x 15 reps and can do 12.5kg x 10 reps, then go for 12.5kg x 10 reps until you can do 15 and then increase the weight.

In order for muscles to grow, you need:

Tension – Time the muscle is under tension/weight. The more reps and sets you do, the more tension you achieve

Damage – The more damage you do i.e. tearing and rebuilding muscles. The heavier the weight the more the damage

  • Click Here for the best exercise for the different muscle groups (source: Bony to Beastly). Chose three exercise per muscle you wish to focus on.
  • Cardio is good for lung and heart health, not for fat/weight loss.
  • Replace cardio with high reps, high sets and light-weights to achieve fat loss whilst reducing muscle loss.
  • Use cardio to get rid of the last bit of fat (such as love handles) – the last tool in the box. The most effective cardio for this is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) = do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Use this in conjunction with a low-carb calorie deficient diet, rich in protein and good fat.
  • Try to aim for 10,000 steps a day as your general cardio – this is to help optimise health and the heart.
  • Try to stand more often as oppose to sitting down.
  • All over weight training – build muscle and promote testosterone which helps with fat loss leading to less estrogen which promotes fat. It also depletes your glycogen reserves which means fat will be burned for energy. All over means legs as well
  • Use diamond push-ups and chin-ups to build a good strength foundation. Don’t weight train seriously unless you can do 25 diamond push-ups and 15 chin-ups.




Phase 1.5: Gym – Every Session & Schedule

Key Point 1: In and out of the gym within 90 minutes including showering, changing etc

Key Point 2: Aiming for an average of four sets, split workouts between PUSH and PULL exercises so that you work these muscles twice a week, meaning four gym sessions a week.

Key Point 3: 30 seconds rest between sets unless explicitly stated otherwise.


  • Monday:
    • Gym: Shoulders, Triceps, Chest, Abs: 90 minutes
  • Tuesday
    • Gym: Back, Biceps, Legs: 60 minutes
    • Army, 120 minutes
  • Wednesday
    • Krav-Maga, 90 minutes
  • Thursday
    • Gym: Shoulders, Triceps, Chest, Abs: 90 minutes
  • Friday
    •  Gym: Back, Biceps, Legs: 60 minutes
  • Saturday
    • Off
  • Sunday
    • Off

My Gym Goals

Gym Goal One: Do 20 chin-ups.  [Completed – 4 months | May 2015 – September 2015]

  • 0-5: 1 Month
  • 5-20: 3 months

Gym Goal Two: Do 15 perfect-form chin-ups [Completed – 2 months | September 2015 – November 2015]

Gym Goal Three: Do 25 perfect-form diamond-pushups [Completed – 3 months | May 2015 – August 2015]

Gym Goal Four: Do 15 perfect-form pull-ups [Completed – 3 months | November 2015 – February 2016]


About My Body Transformation Quest

Since my early teens I have always been skinny-to-the-bone. I started to hit the gym in my early 20’s and manage to get myself reasonably fit and in shape. Since then, I’ve always had a skinny/athletic/toned look. Nothing spectacular but nothing I was ashamed off. I could quite confidently go to the beach topless – I had a ‘he works-out’ look to me or rather ‘he starting to workout’ look. I started to make some decent gains in my physique around 2011/2012 and I would often get compliments for it.

Started to make some gains around 2011/2012 just before my downward slope from 2012-2014


So what went wrong?

Around 2012 to 2014 I let myself go. I did not workout-ever, ate-like-crap, slept-like-crap, frequent daily alcohol consumption (socially) and generally stressing all the time. This was mostly due to a destructive relationship I was in.

Actually to be fair, I had been in this relationship since 2006 and it was amazing. Things turned ugly around late 2012 when I found out she had an affair. From here it was patchy but we started to find our happy place again and in late 2013 we got married.

What was a fairy-tale wedding quickly ended one month later as details emerged of yet another affair she had all throughout our engagement and the short one-month marriage. We separated.  It was really at this point that I took a downward slope. I was out all the time, barely sleeping, eating junk food and drinking alcohol on a daily basis. I was heart-broken and devastated.

Around mid-2014 I started to pick myself up when suddenly she came back into my life and wanted to make a real go at our marriage.

Considering at this point she was my ‘wife’, I ignored my gut feeling and decided to give it another shot. I guess I did this out of fear of one day being 50 years old in the pub and thinking ‘if only I gave her (another) chance, maybe I would be the happiest bloke right now!’. That, plus an age-old case of ‘love-is-blind’.

Suffice to say we gave it another shot, it was a roller-coaster but we got to that happy place again; until our first year anniversary where again, I learnt of some horrible affairs she had in the past which put us back to a not-so-good place. Four months later she had another affair, fell pregnant with her new fella and walked out from our matrimonial home.

This was February 2015.

However, this time round, though I was hurt, I refuse to allow myself to return to that downward slope I went through in late 2013 and decided to use that hurt, that pain, that negative energy and turn it into something positive.

I decided to quickly get back into the things I had once loved doing:

  • Dancing (Salsa/Bachatta)
  • Krav Maga (Self-Defence)
  • Play Chess socially
  • Re-focus on my military career (I am in the Army Reserves)
  • Socialising with friends
  • Going on lads holidays
  • Women! (learning in a ‘fun’ way on what they are about as you have to remember I was with one woman for the past 8 years)

Around May 2015 I decided to sort my body out! Having let myself go for two years (2012-2014). I have become whats known as ‘skinny-fat’: man-boobs, love handles, a belly and generally soft-looking all-around; all of which is barely noticeable with everyday clothing until you wear something tight or naked!

My Ultimate Goal / Vision

So my quest is not to get ‘BIG’ like a professional body builder, but to have a ‘beach body’; lean with some muscle definition. Similar to how I use to be; if not, better! (I didn’t strictly have a beach body then, but it was getting there).

So now, at 31 years of age,  I am doing a job that I love, slowly but surely transforming my body and being consistent with my dance lessons, self-defence training and meeting cool people along the way. All of this helps turn the negative energy into something positive and I truly am in a happy state-of-mind and loving-life right now. The prospect of seeing my physique change is an exciting one indeed and I have already notice some good changes as per the below!

June 2014 vs November 2015 (my body in Jan 2015 was similar to June 2014, if not worse!).

June 2014 vs November 2015

My weekly stats can be found here and my monthly progress pictures can be seen here

Phase 1: Gym – Every Session & Schedule

Key Point 1: In and out of the gym within 90 minutes including showering, changing etc

Key Point 2: 3 – 5 times a week.

Key Point 3: 30 seconds rest between sets and 2 minute rest between exercise unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Start  [20 minutes]

Middle [40 minutes]

  • A muscle focus routine by picking one group from here

End `[15 minutes]

  • Tyre move – 5 flips with staggered elevated diamond-pushups (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • 1:15 plank
  • 3 minutes on vibration machine
  • 5 min boxing with punchbag
  • Pull-ups (max rep, 1 set)
  • Chin-ups (max-rep, 1 set)


  • Monday:
    • Gym, 90 minutes
  • Tuesday
    • Army, 120 minutes
  • Wednesday
    • Krav-Maga, 90 minutes
  • Thursday
    • Salsa/Bachatta (Dance), 120 minutes
  • Friday
    •  Gym, 90 minutes
  • Saturday
    • Gym, 90 minutes
  • Sunday
    • Gym, 90 minutes

My Pull Up Progress

Goal: 15 perfect-form pull-ups in the first step

Status: Completed

Date: 06th November 2015 – 11th February 2016


Set: Each set is followed by diamond-pushups 25-rep, chest cable raise x 10 at 8.75KG (followed by 2 drop-sets), Calf-Raise 20KG (+ shoulder raise), 15-rep and then a 2 minute rest per set. I am only tracking the pull-ups in the first set. I am doing a total of 3 sets.

Date Total
06/11/2015  10
07/11/2015  11
09/11/2015  11
11/11/2015  11
12/11/2015  12
13/11/2015  12
14/11/2015  11
15/11/2015  12
17/11/2015  12
18/11/2015  10
19/11/2015  11
21/11/2015  11
24/11/2015  11
25/11/2015  10
26/11/2015  12
30/11/2015  10
Wide-Grip (2 Sets) 2 x Weeks / No other exercises per set
09/12/2015  10
15/12/2015  10
18/12/15  6
22/12/15  11
26/12/15  10
29/12/15  11
01/01/16  11
05/01/16  12
08/01/16  12
15/01/16  12
19/01/16  12
26/01/16  13
29/01/16  13
02/02/16  14
11/02/16    15